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Amé Branson, Tucson, AZ - mixed media
Mixed media paintings – Soothing and subtle, these abstract works evoke both landscapes and their maps

Amy Kucera - photo montage

Ann L. Hense, Crestone, CO - watercolor | textiles

Bailey Escapule, Salida, CO - oil landscapes

Bea Mansanarez, Monte Vista, CO - original quilt designs

Bernice Strawn, Salida, CO - sculpture

Bill Ellzey, Crestone - photography
artist's website

Carlos Pardo, Spain - surreal cityscapes from Spain

Charles Ewing, San Luis, CO - oil | works on paper

Coni Grant, Alamosa, CO - oil
Plein aire paintings – Colorado landscapes – rich colors, spontaneous and confident shapes, textures
artist's website

Conrad Nelson, Buena Vista, CO - mixed media

Dan Downing, Nathrop, CO - photography

Dave Bredemeier, Salida, CO - photography

David Diaz Guerrero, Alamosa, CO - social landscapes | black and white photography

David Montgomery, Alamosa - oil
Oil paintings - Plein air pieces and wall-filling studio landscapes
artist's website

Deana Fisher Wilfong - ceramic sculptures, figurative

Eugene Schilling, Alamosa, CO - abstract expressionist paintings, drawings, monotypes -- non-objective but formal compositions
artist's website

Evelyn Sprouse-Rowe, Monte Vista, CO - watercolor | collage
watercolors, brightly colored collage – digital and handmade

Fay Golson, Salida, CO - mixed media
artist's website

Gail Russell, Taos, NM - hand-painted photography
artist's website

Greg Hartman, Alamosa, CO - photography
Nature and abstract photography - adventurous and sensitive

Harriet Johns, Crestone, CO - enamel abstracts

Holly Blitstein, Salida, CO - expressionist oil landscapes

Jack Mason, New York, NY - digital giclees

Jane Jacobs, Alamosa, CO - watercolor

Jesse Crock, Golden - acrylics | oil | portraits | works on paper
Acrylic paintings – captures the personality of people and places – thoughtfulness and authenticity come through in the details

Jim Gilmore, Alamosa, CO - Sculpture
artist's website

Joe Zinn, Monte Vista, CO - photography
artist's website

John Sherman, Colorado Springs - mixed media
artist's website

John Stevenson, Colorado Springs, CO - digital prints
artist's website

Jude' Silva, Buena Vista, CO - abstract paintings and prints, 3d textile sculptures (nets)
artist's website

Kay Malouff, Alamosa, CO - stained glass

Kris Gosar, Monte Vista, CO - meditative figures in oil

LaNita Jones, Tucson, AZ - sculptures and fountains in metal
artist's website

Laura Murphy, Alamosa - acrylics | oil | collage | sculpture | installations | fiber
Sculpture, painting, fiber collage - earthy colors, lush compositions with an eye toward healing the relationships we have with our bodies and our earth
artist's website

Leigha Nicole, Crestone, CO - Japanese silk scroll paintings

Libby Hart, Costilla, NM - oil

Linda Wooten-Green, Las Vegas, NV - oil
Acrylic paintings - Colorado landscapes - muted colors and bold brushstrokes evoke this dramatic environment

Louise Minks, Vermont - oils | acrylics
artist's website

Margaret Doell, Alamosa, CO - social landscapes | color photography

Mark Dudrow, Jaroso - ceramics
Handmade tile murals, ceramics – American Indian influences stand alongside powerful - architectural portraits - of historic Southwestern landmarks
artist's website

Matthew Lessard, Crestone, CO - graphic paintings and silk screens

Mel Strawn, Salida, CO - digital prints

Mettje Swift, Del Norte, CO - sculpture
Fiber art, suspended sculptures - perfect for large spaces - imaginative use of color and shape - very accessible public art
artist's website

Michael Parry, Salida, CO - ceramic sculptures

Nancy Vickery, Salida, CO - abstract prints

Nicolas Ghyssaert, Belgium -
artist's website

Perla Kopeloff, Alamosa, CO - collage | sculpture | installations | fiber
Handmade collage, textiles, conceptual art – Assemblages that range from mindful to riotous – artworks become altars with a touch of humor, lightness, devotion

Randy Pijoan, Costilla, NM - reproductions
artist's website

Rebecca Mezoff, Monte Vista, CO - hand-dyed wool tapestries, contemporary compositions
artist's website

Rita Roberts, Monte Vista, CO - OPA award winning paintings
artist's website

Robert Leowe, Salida, CO - tapestries

Roberta Smith, Salida, CO - abstract paintings and conceptual mixed media

Sallyann Paschall, Salida, CO - conceptual paintings, mixed media, prints
artist's website

Sarah Welch, Jaroso, CO - ceramic wall sculptures

Sean O'Meallie, Colorado Springs, CO - playful wooden sculptures

Shahna Lax, Crestone, CO - sculpture
Engraved copper transoms and ceramic tiles in a variety of sizes

Sharon McCoy, Monte Vista, CO - sculpture
Sculptural ceramics – whimsical shapes and colors give way to genuine craftsmanship and creative expression

Sherrie York - woodcuts
artist's website | artist's blog

Stephen Crawford, Del Norte, CO - unique hand-made furniture

Stuart Andrews, Buena Vista, CO - surrealism

Susan McCullough, Monte Vista, CO - oil
artist's website

Tirzah Camacho, Durango, CO - acrylics | mixed media | installations
Abstract acrylic paintings with universal imagery

Todd Tychewicz, Salida, CO - sculpture | jewelry
Metals – playful, futuristic sculptures designed and built with precision – each piece is one of a kind, featuring semi-precious stones hand-set into hammered metals

Tufani, Crestone, CO - mixed media
Mixed media paintings – spiritual content and designs, presented with energetic color, dramatic layers, excellent contrasts of simplicity and complexity
artist's website

Vivia Lawson, Alamosa - acrylics | works on paper
Acrylic paintings – bold, energetic shapes and a broad palette evoke the richness of life

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